Vitamin A-Mazing

by | Apr 23, 2021

Vitamin A- mazing

Vitamin A , retinol, retinoids.

They seem to be in every skin care product available these days.

For good reason. Vitamin A is one of the most effective ingredients for most skin types and conditions and has numerous scientific studies to back it up.

To me it is like a jack of all trades, an amazing multi tasker.

Regular and consistent use of vitamin A assists our bodies to make its own collagen, leading to firmer and younger looking skin.

Aids in balancing our oil production,

Thickens up the skin and therefore helps to give it a plumper, smoother appearance.

It increases our cell turnover – meaning that it encourages our skin to exfoliate itself naturally  and therefore helps to reduce congestion and increase brightness.

Acts as an anti oxidant – so it protects our skin from environmental and UV damage.

Vitamin A can re educate our skin cells to behave in a younger way, promoting that youthful glow in the skin that we are all chasing.

When using Vitamin A though, it is best to seek a consultation with a professional skin therapist who works with high grade effective levels of this holy grail and who can guide you on what is best for your skin

When using vitamin A on the skin, the best advice is to start on low levels and increase slowly to ensure your skin responds positively, and reaps the benefits.

If you are unsure if you are using your vitamin A products correctly, or you don’t want to be left out of the glowy vitamin A party train, you can avail of a free online skin consultation with our skin therapists during lockdown.

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