Man Trio

35 min: €33

This includes waxing of eye brows, nasal and ear hairs

Male Chest Hot Wax

50 min: €55

Male Back or Chest Strip Wax

40 min: €35

Male Full Arm Wax

30 min: €40

Male Half Arm Wax

30 min: €40

Male Full Leg Wax

55 min: €60

Male Half Leg Wax

45 min: €40


75 min: €80

Intimate waxing for men.

Buttocks Only

30 min: €40

TreatmentAppointment LengthPrice
Trio (Brows, Nose, Ears)35 mins€33
Male Chest Hot Wax50 mins€55
Male Back or Chest Strip Wax40 mins€35
Male Full Arm Wax30 mins€40
Male Half Arm Wax35 mins€30
Male Full Leg Wax55 mins€60
Male Half Leg Wax45 mins€40
Manzilian75 mins€80
Buttocks Only30 mins€40