Bikini Waxing

The Basic


Hair is removed in the crease of the leg on both sides of the bikini area, and along the top.

The Extended


Hair is removed slightly higher than the basic bikini on both sides of the bikini area.

The In-Between’y


Not quite a Brazilian. but leaves some hair behind. Suitable for a G-string. Ideal for those who don’t want to be bald but want a neat result.

The Brazilian


A bikini wax, where only a strip of hair remains. All the hair from the labia and bum is removed. A ‘landing’ strip or small triangle is left.

The Hollywood


A Hollywood wax leaves you completely bare. Totally bald! All the pubic hair is removed.

TreatmentAppointment LengthPrice
The Basic-€28
The Extended-€36
The In-Between'y-€38
The Brazilian-€55
The Hollywood-€58