by | Mar 30, 2021

#SkinIsIn #GetTheGlow #AntiAgeing #Plump.

You get the idea. Every day we are bombarded with hashtags, catchy slogans, product endorsements, and images of things to help you achieve skin like the girl in the magazine, or the girl on Instagram. What we don’t stop to think about is that these images are edited, photo shopped and filtered.

Real skin has texture, a monthly breakout and for us Irish skins we usually have high colouring so we are prone to having a little bit of redness in our pale translucent complexions.


Filtered and edited pictures are not.

So, I am going to let you in on a little secret…..

The best way to get the skin you desire is by focusing on skin health. If you make the skin healthy it will glow. Skin health is not just about lathering on creams and serums, albeit they are also a crucial part. It is a 360 degree approach. What goes into the body is just as important as what goes on top, as is the environment that we expose our skin too.

Feeding the skin internally, is a very effective way to get you on the road to skin health. The easiest way to do this is through supplementation. Supplements are little bundles of nutritional goodness packed into a small capsule, with skin specific ingredients and nutritive values depending on your concern. They are absorbed into the blood stream, then this healthy blood packed full of nutrition feeds your skin cells to give them the nutrition they need to thrive. Supplementation treats the whole body from head to toe, whereas with topical product application you only treat the are to where the product IS APPLIED. This is why oral skin care/supplements are game changers.

Next we need to look at the environment your skin is exposed too. There are many factors that can affect your skin and its appearance. Excessive exposure to harsh lights or UV exposure, heat, cold, pollution, alcohol, smoking. overexposure to UV light from the sun, can cause damage to our skin cells which breaks them down and reduces the ability for that skin cell to function like a normal healthy cell. Fluctuating temperatures can dehydrate the skin, and also increase the appearance or contribute to the appearance of thread veins usually on the cheek area. As we are exposed to heat and cold our blood vessels contract and dilate, getting bigger and smaller, bigger and smaller, over time this can weaken them until they eventually collapse and boom, thread veins. Sometimes we cannot change the environments we are exposed to, but we can address this then through your topical and oral skincare prescriptives.

Topical skincare is like the roof on the house. It is going to keep all the good things inside safe and protect from the bad things outside.

There are many different ingredients and formulations that can benefit the skin and it is not a one size fits all solution because everyone is different. Even twins, can have different skincare requirements, if they are exposed to different environmental factors.

So if you are looking to change up your routine, or start the journey to skin health, consultation is key. A skin consultation can break down your overall goals and build a routine to get you there, with the healthiest skin possible.

Over the next few weeks, I will be breaking down skin ingredients and treatments and their importance in your daily routine.

For now, stay safe and see you soon,

Sinead aka Skin with Shin xx