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Environ has now launched The LACM Home Peel which empowers you to continue getting the benefits of the new Environ Cool Peel treatment at home.

Maintains the results of the in-salon treatment
Protects the epidermis
Gentle yet powerful formulation
Promotes the release of growth factors
Aids in the production of collagen for smoother skin
Achieves incredible results with no redness or recovery time

Thicken epidermis
Smooth wrinkles and lines
Improve natural moisturising factors of the skin
Improve skins radiance
Reduce and prevent breakouts
Lighten superficial pigmentation
Reduce redness
Reduce scarring

How to use

  • Prior to peeling the skin, the skin should be prepared using Environ Vitamin A for a minimum of three weeks.
  • After performing the standard skin preparation, apply the LACM 1 in an even layer & leave on for between 5-20 mins, depending on the skin’s response & desired outcome.
  • Remove with a cool damp compress & continue with the standard completion of an Environ Cool Cream Peel Treatment