Et Al Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation SPF 20 – 30ml


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Our foundation does more than give your skin a hydrated, natural finish. It contains a synergy of skincare actives including blue shield, floraglo lutein and hydrachrysum to help protext your skin against harmful rays such as UB, and blue light

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60W Light-medium with warm undertones, 70C Light-medium with cool undertones, 80N Light-medium with neutral undertones, 100N Medium with neutral undertones, 110W Medium with warm undertones, 140N Medium with peach neutral undertones, 150N Medium-deep with neutral undertones, 160W Medium-deep with warm undertones, 170N Medium-deep with warm undertones, 180N Tan with neutral undertones, 190C Tan with cool undertones, 200W Tan with warm undertones, 210W Tan with warm olive undertones