Cosmetic Gold Roll-CIT With Free Advance Elixir

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"Gold Roller
Increase penetration of Active ingredients up to 10,000 fold.
Higher Levels of Vitamin A & C we can get into the lower layers of the epidermis the more collagen can be made.
Recommended for anyone who has been on Cosmetic roller for 12 month + and higher levels of AVST & C Quence.
Results enhanced.
Speed up the reduction of pigmentation marks
Restores tightness in the early stages of ageing.

Advance Elixir
7 amino acids for anti ageing that stimulate the formation of collagen & elastin.
Combination of peptides to act on all stages of collagen.
Stimulation ->Organisation -> Protection
Smoothes wrinkles and Plumps the skin.
Targets the 3 signs of ageing.
Dehydration -> Wrinkles -> Pigmentation"