Basq Citrus Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub




Prevent and Repair Stretch Marks with Exfoliation

The natural acids in sugar sweep away dull, itchy surface skin prompting cellular renewal in the lower layers.  Every time you scrub you trigger stretch mark repair deep down where damage and loss of tone occur.

Whipped shea butter and nourishing essential oils penetrate deeply and quickly for intense skin fortification, better resiliency and stretch mark prevention. The uplifting scent of Neroli (Orange Blossom) instantly revitalizes so you feel energized from head to toe.

  • Speed up skin’s natural renewal process to better fix stretch marks and cellulite plus toning and strengthening
  • Fresh orange neroli aroma is addictive brining the spa home to every shower
  • Instant smoothing for rough heels for Pedi ready feet
  • Smooth rough hands and fix dry cuticles at home
  • FREE of Parabens and Phthalate and Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy