Elements by Juliette Armand Facials

Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C facials are amongst the most popular from the Juliette Armand range. Both brightening and hydrating, this unique facial combines two masks for the best results. It protects against the action of free radicals, treating biological ageing and photo-ageing, and brightens by leaving the skin luminous and glowing.

This facial works brilliantly for people who are looking for brighter, more luminous glowing skin, and is also ideal during pregnancy and for brides to be. The ascorbic acid in the product is the magical ingredient responsible for all the good things that come out of this facial, acting by stimulating collagen which results in firm flawless skin.

Diamond Mask Facial

The Diamond Mask facial is a truly unique facial and is one of our most popular treatments. The sheer quality of this facial massage treatment will leave you looking and feeling many years younger. It gives instant radiance, reduces the depth of wrinkles and restores skin tone.

The mask uses diamond powder and 32 anti-ageing active ingredients for instant skin regeneration and radiance. It is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutrients, soothing and detoxifying ingredients.

Ultimate skin&bodyworks Facial

Everything in this treatment is a subtle balance of harmony. Using our Aroma relaxing candle we begin with a mind-melting back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by the ultimate in Aromatherapy facials using a combination of Juliette Armand facial products. Thanks to the aromatic elixir benefits the skin is hydrated, and facial features are visibly relaxed and radiate beauty.

Customised Facial Therapy

At skin&bodyworks we understand that we all have a skin type. Sometimes we suffer with certain conditions that we struggle to improve, and this is when we need a professional Skin Therapist to talk to us about our skin and someone who knows what to do to improve it.

This is where a Juliette Armand facial and a skin&bodyworks Therapist come to the rescue. Whether it be acne, dry, dehydrated, sensitive ageing , oily, breakouts, patchy skin or combination skin, there are a variety of products to treat and suit your skin. This facial will be completely customised for you, and includes a detailed prescription for your skins needs.

TreatmentAppointment LengthPrice
Juliette Armand Skin Booster Facials
Thavma "Miracle" Therapy-€75
Chronos "Time" Therapy75 mins€75
Opsis "Look" Therapy-€70
Retinoid Therapy Facial75 mins€85
Express Oxygen Facial30 mins€35
Elements By Juliette Armand
Vitamin C Facial75 mins€75
Diamond Mask Facial 75 mins€75
Ultimate Bodyworks Facial90 mins€90
Customised Facial Therapy30 mins€35
1 Hour€65